National Register of Social Assistance

The Register provides the basis for the official statistics on social assistance in Sweden. The Register's data are also used to describe the population's need for assistance, monitor developments over time and make comparisons between different municipalities.

Purpose of the Register

The data are used as a basis for monitoring, management and development at national, regional and municipal level.

The Register is the basis for official and other statistics. The Register is also used for research purposes. Its data can be used to answer such questions as:

  • How much social assistance has been granted in a given period?
  • How many households or persons have been granted
    social assistance in a given period?
  • What regional or demographic differences exist?
  • What is the most common maintenance impediment, i.e., the reason why people need social assistance?

Contents of the Register

Register data refer to persons and households that received social assistance in the form of:

  • Maintenance support and assistance for other living expenses according to Chapter 4, Section 1 and, where applicable, Chapter 4, Section 2 of the Social Services Act (2001:453).
  • Introduction compensation under the Act on introduction compensation for refugees and certain other foreigners (1992:1068) between 1993 and 2011.

The municipalities report information such as personal ID number, sex, assistance municipality, amount of assistance, persons born in Sweden or abroad, impediments to maintenance. Then certain data are collected from the Total Population Register (RTB).

For more detailed information on the content of the Register, see the list of variables (in Swedish).

For information about the quality of the Register, such as missing data, variable content and history, see Production and quality of the Register of Social Assistance.

Legal regulation of the Register

The Register is regulated by The Ordinance (1981:1370) regarding the obligation of social welfare committees to provide statistical information. The National Board of Health and Welfare's regulation (HSLF-FS 2015:30), shows in more detail how the municipalities obligation to provide statistical information concerning assistance must be fulfilled.

Statistics based on the Register

  • Annual statistics
  • Monthly statistics
  • Maintenance impediments and purposes of social assistance

Extract statistics from the database (only available in Swedish). 

For ordering statistics from the Register of Social Assistance, see Ordering data and statistics (only available in Swedish).


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