National Register of Interventions in Municipal Health Care

The Register provides the basis for official statistics on municipal healthcare interventions in Sweden. Register data are also used for research.


Purpose of the Register

The purpose of the Register is to describe the extent of Health Care Interventions for which the municipality is responsible.

Contents of the Register

The Register contains information on all persons who have received health care for which the municipality is responsible under the Health and Medical Services Act. The Register covers around 400,000 people per year.

Until 2018, the Register included only information on persons who have received any intervention in the municipal health care system, broken down per calendar month. From 2019, the Register is supplemented by information on which patient-related procedures were carried out by authorised staff with the municipality as the care provider. Procedures are classified at the most detailed level of the Classification of Health Care Procedures (KVÅ). In addition, municipalities provide information regarding the date on which the procedure was performed and by which authorised professional group. From 2019 onwards, all data are provided to the Register on a monthly basis.

For more detailed information on the content of the Register, see the list of variables (in Swedish).

For information about the quality of the Register, such as missing data, variable content and history, see Production and quality of the Register of Interventions in Municipal Health Care

Legal regulation of the Register

The National Register of Interventions in Municipal Health Care is a health data register that is regulated by the Health Data Register Act (1998:543) and associated regulation (2006:94). The National Board of Health and Welfares Regulation (HSLF-FS 2017:67), shows in more detail how the municipalities obligation to provide statistic information concerning interventions in municipal health care must be fulfilled.

Statistics based on the Register

Extract statistics from the database (only available in Swedish).

For ordering statistics from the Register, see  Ordering data and statistics (only available in Swedish).