The opportunity to sell equipment to the healthcare service has expired

On June 1, the opportunity for companies to report their interest in selling materials and equipment to the healthcare service via the National Board of Health and Welfare expired.

The National Board of Health and Welfare has determined that the purchasing and logistics systems that have been developed during the management of the COVID-19 pandemic are sufficiently robust to meet the equipment needs of the healthcare service. Therefore, no further offers from companies that wish to sell materials and equipment are needed at this time.

Companies have been able to contribute to the effective management of the immediate needs for personal protective equipment and other equipment used to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within the healthcare service.

The authority makes supplementary procurements for municipalities and regions when their regular contracts and procedures for the ordering, delivery and reception of equipment are insufficient and when the local brokering of equipment procurements does not suffice.

We are grateful for the great commitment that companies have demonstrated in collaborating to find solutions to acute material shortages.

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