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Cause of Death

This page provides information about our statistical database on our Cause of Death statistics.

Here you can compile and study statistics from the National Board of Health and Welfare's Cause of Death Register.

The Health and Welfare Statistical Databases contain cause of death data for the years 1997–2017. It shows the underlying cause of death coded according to the international version of the disease classification ICD-10. For injuries, the external cause of injury is shown.

The statistical database includes all those who died during one calendar year and were registered in Sweden at the time of death, regardless of whether the death occurred inside or outside the country. The statistics do not include stillborns, persons who died on a temporary visit to Sweden or asylum seekers who have not yet obtained residence permits. Swedes who have emigrated and are no longer registered in Sweden are not included either.

More information in Swedish can be found on the Cause of Death Register web pages.


Number of deaths /100,000 (mortality rate)
In this report, this is the number of deaths per 100,000 of the average population. The mortality rate for different age classes is calculated separately, i.e. with the age class as the population. In this program you can choose to age standardise the mortality rates for different age compositions.

Age standardisation
In the analysis different standard populations can be chosen depending on which comparisons are being made. This means that the death rate is calculated as if all populations in the comparison had one and the same age distribution, namely that of the so-called standard population. The death rates of the different subpopulations can then be compared directly with each other, as the standardisation has eliminated the influence of age differences.

Standard populations
For the presentation of the cause of death statistics, you can choose to standardise according to the following age compositions:

  • Population of Sweden 1970 (According to FoB -70)
  • Population of Sweden 1985
  • Population of Sweden 1995
  • Population of Sweden 2000
  • Population of Sweden 2017
  • Population of Europe
  • World population