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Frequently asked questions about social assistance

Here you can read short answers to frequently asked questions about social assistance. For more detailed information, please contact the Social Services (Socialtjänsten) in your municipality.

Who should I contact?

Contact the Social Services office (Socialtjänsten) in the municipality where you live. If you are temporarily in another municipality and need help urgently, you can contact that municipality’s Social Services.

How do I apply for social assistance?

Call and make an appointment. At your visit, you submit an application form and any details about your financial situation that the case worker needs.

Is the information kept on file by the Social Services?

Yes. The information is normally kept on file for five years, after which it is destroyed.

How is the application processed?

Each application for social assistance is assessed individually. The case worker looks at your financial situation, and also at what you or the Social Services can do to help you become self-supporting.

What can I do if I don’t get social assistance?

You can demand a written decision that you can appeal against. Ask the case worker for information on how to appeal.

Can I be forced to repay social assistance?

Yes, but only if the assistance is some kind of advance payment or if you have received too much money by mistake.

What can I receive social assistance for?

You can receive assistance for your upkeep and other items that you need to have a reasonable standard of living.