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The National Board of Health and Welfare is run by a governing board which is appointed by the government.

Olivia Wigzell is the Director General of The National Board of Health and Welfare. She leads the organization and is responsible for operating activities in accordance with the board's directives.

The organization is divided into six departments with different fields of responsibility and three support functions.

The departments

  • Department for Authorisations and Government grants
    Director is Zara Warglo.
  • Department of Evaluation and Analysis
    Director is Natalia Borg.
  • Department for Knowledge-Based Policy of Health Care
    Director is Thomas Lindén.
  • Department for Knowledge-Based Policy of Social Services
    Director is Jenny Rehnman.
  • Legal department
    Director is Erik Höglund.
  • Department of Statistics and Comparisons
    Director is Mona Heurgren.

The support functions

  • Communications Department
    Director is Ola Billger.
  • Department of Support Services
    Director is Tomas Hedlund.
  • Director General’s Staff
    Director is Urban Lindberg.


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