Sweden´s EU Presidency 2023

From the 1st January–30th June 2023 Sweden will hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union. On this page we gather information about our work during the Presidency.

During the six months that Sweden holds the presidency there are certain issues that Sweden considers to be of special priority for the EU Member States to agree upon. 

Priorities of the EU Presidency

The National Board of Health and Welfare, in the role of expert authority to the Government in healthcare, dental care and social services, can during the presidency contribute with

  • information about our work with health and welfare
  • information about how we work with following up health systems and social services
  • how we apply evidence and tested experience in practice 
  • how we can use statistics to evaluate health and welfare to follow-up the Government's policies.
  • how we work with the issues that the Government highlights as of particular priority for the health and social affairs council (EPSCO), such as pharmaceuticals, elderly care and antibiotic resistance.

On top of the activities that the Government organizes within the framework of the Presidency, we will also arrange our own activities where we will raise the issues that are important for the Presidency, and also of particular importance to us.

Issues regarding the healthcare workforce

As the expert authority within health, welfare and social services, we place extra emphasis on the health workforce and the issues related to it. Therefore, we will arrange a meeting for all of the Member State's Government Chief Medical Officers, Government Chief Nursing Officers and Government Chief Dental Officers during the spring of 2023, where we will discuss current issues that affect the most important resource in health and welfare: the staff.

Good healthcare hygiene against antibiotic resistance

We also prioritise issues concerning the functioning of the health system and its long-term resistance to health emergencies, as well as primary health and universal health coverage.

Also, related to these issues, we will participate at a high-level meeting in March regarding antibiotic resistance which will focus on how good healthcare hygiene can reduce healthcare-associated infections and the need for antibiotics use.

Sharing health data across borders

We will also participate in work with negotiating the EU regulation for the European Health Data Space, which impacts on both the free movement of patients and the possibilities for sharing cross-border health data.

Vulnerable groups

The health and welfare of vulnerable groups is a key issue. In regards to this, we will participate in a conference about vulnerable groups who require extra support from society, which will be held in late spring.

Further, we will focus on social vulnerability amongst children and youth, work with violence prevention and the need to raise the level of quality in elderly care to promote self-determination and active ageing.

Some of our activities during the Swedish presidency

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