Mental ill-health among individuals in same-sex marriages

The National Board of Health and Welfare has conducted a study based on data from its various national registers with the aim of describing and analysing mental ill-health among LGBTQ people. The report is written for professionals in this field and decision-makers at all levels.





The prevalence of mental ill-health in the form of hazardous use and depend-ency, anxiety disorders and depression was higher among people in same-sex marriages than those in different-sex marriages. Hazardous use and depend-ency was particularly prevalent among women in same-sex marriages. Men in same-sex marriages would also suffer from more severe illnesses, such as psychosis, to a greater extent than men in different-sex marriages. Both men and women in same-sex marriages would also use psychotropic drugs to a greater extent than people in different-sex marriages. A survival analysis showed increased mortality rates due to suicide and HIV/AIDS among people in same-sex marriages compared to people in different-sex marriages.

The National Board of Health and Welfare suggests that the higher preva-lence of mental ill-health among LGBTQ people could be the result of severe psychosocial stress, as this group can consistently find itself in a minority position with an entailed risk of discrimination and poor treatment. This kind of psychosocial stress is also influenced by factors such as having HIV/AIDS or ADHD, resulting in a further increased risk of mental ill-health. The fact that people in same-sex marriages are also at risk of an early death by suicide indicates a situation that may have serious consequences for the group.

The results of this study confirm that it is important to work with preven-tive, targeted measures for LGBTQ people, and to raise awareness of the terms and living conditions of this group in order to reduce differences in terms of ill-health between LGBTQ people and others.


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