Health in Sweden: The National Public Health Report 2012

Health in Sweden: The National Public Health Report 2012 is an English version of the Public Health Report 2009. The report has been updated with recent figures. The report provides a comprehensive picture of health and mortality in Sweden, and how major diseases and lifestyles evolve.


This year marks the third publication of Sweden’s national public health report in its entirety as a supplement issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. The two previous reports appeared in the Journal in 2001 and 2005.

National public health reports have been published regularly in Sweden since 1987. They monitor, analyse and evaluate health trends across population groups and discuss changes in social conditions and living habits and their significance to public health.

Although the reports are primarily intended for use by political representatives and public officials at national level, they also enjoy a broad readership among decision-makers and political representatives at regional and local level, journalists, researchers and members of the teaching profession.

Health in Sweden – The National Public Health Report 2012 is structured somewhat differently than in previous years. The first four chapters deal with health in the successive stages of the human life cycle. We have chosen this approach not only in view of the wide health disparities between age groups, but also in an effort to shed light on differences in health trends across age groups. Health has improved more significantly among the elderly than among younger members of the population, and there is substantial evidence of an increase in mental ill-health among teenagers and people in their early 20s.

In another new departure from the previous format, changes in living habits are shown – in the same, or adjacent chapter – alongside trends in the most common diseases. The purpose is to make it easier for the reader to relate health trends to their determinants. Hence the omission in the present report of a separate chapter devoted to living habits.

All chapters include an account of relevant gender and socioeconomic disparities in public health. A more systematic discussion of socioeconomic differences can be found in the chapter on health in the working age population. However, a special chapter has been devoted to health in the immigrant population in an effort to shed light on the impact of the migration process on health.

The National Public Health Report series does not include descriptions of the health and medical care services in Sweden; such accounts may be found in reports from other countries. Nor do they discuss environmental health issues in any great detail. The National Board of Health and Welfare publishes regular reports of a similar nature on health and medical care, social conditions, environmental health and the social services. Nor does the series contain public health policy proposals. This is the responsibility of the National Institute of Public Health, which submits public health policy proposals in its public health policy reports. Two such reports have been published: in 2005 and 2010.

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