Looking the Other Way: A Study Guide to Female Victims of Violence with Disabilities

Women with disabilities are subjected to violence at least as often as the general female population. The problem has long been invisible in research, health and human services, and public debate. But it has been rising to the surface in recent years.


The guide primarily targets professionals – personal assistants and employees of the social services, habilitation, rehabilitation, health care etc who handle cases affecting women with disabilities, as well as provide them with support and service. Personnel, such as caseworkers at other departments of the social services, who help female victims of violence in general may also benefit from the guide.

The guide is also directed to professionals at NGO:s, such as women’s shelters, crime victim support centres and organisations of people with disabilities.

The objective of the guide is to raise awareness and skills among professions, and that professionals will be in a better position to provide these vulnerable women the protection, support and assistance they need.

The guide proceeds from literature and research in the area, as well as interviews with practitioners who have experience of helping female victims of violence. It is also based on a systematic review of international studies concerning effective methods that focus on female victims of violence with disabilities.

This guide has been designed for two different uses: – as a source of information and reference for personnel at relevant organisations – as a basis for interprofessional training. Each chapter concludes with case reports and questions for discussion.

(Swedish title: Sällan sedda – utbildningsmaterial om våld mot kvinnor med funktionsnedsättning)

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Year: 2012
Article number: 2012-2-13
ISBN: 978-91-87169-01-4
Format: POD
Pages: 85
Language: Engelska
Price (VAT included): 90 kr