Open Comparison and Assessment 2009 – Cardiac Care

This is the first report in a new series of independent national assessments of Swedish health care to be published. Open Comparison and Assessment 2009 – Cardiac Care shows that within certain areas of Swedish cardiac care improvements are clearly needed.


This report is an open comparison and assessment of cardiac care processes and outcomes. It is the first in a new series of independent national assessments to be published by the National Board of Health and Welfare. The area of cardiac care was chosen following the spring 2008 release of national cardiac care guidelines.

The overall objective of the report is to undertake an indicator-based assessment and comparison of the quality of cardiac care, focusing particularly on:

  • whether cardiac care is provided in line with the Board’s recommendations as stated in the 2008 national cardiac care guidelines
  • whether it is provided in accordance with the six criteria of the Good Care objective
  • whether the outcomes are as good as could be expected in terms of mortality and disease recurrence. 

The report is a baseline study in relation to the updated guidelines as the data are from 2007 and earlier. However, the Board intends to use the report as an important basis for future evaluations of the impact of the guidelines on cardiac care processes and results.

Decision-makers in the government, county councils and regions, both elected representatives and public officials, as well as managers within the healthcare and medical services comprise the target group for this report. The National Board of Health and Welfare presume that the results will lead to improvements in cardiac care.

In total fortyfive indicators were used in the assessment of the quality of care at national, county council and hospital levels. The indicators covered the diseases included in the updated national guidelines for cardiac care published in February 2008, namely acute coronary syndrome; arrhythmia and heart failure; as well as valvular heart diseases and congenital heart diseases.

National data sources included the Prescribed Drug Register, the Cause of Death Register and the Patient Register, as well as six Health Care Quality Registers.

The outcomes are presented in the report in the form of national trends and county council and hospital comparisons.

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