Adoption – Handbook for the Swedish social services

This handbook on adoption is an English adaptation of part of the Swedish handbook. Its purpose is to enable authorities and organisations to study what procedures have to be followed and how adopters’ suitability is investigated and assessed in Sweden.

This adaptation comprises only part of the Swedish handbook

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare has produced this handbook on adoption (including its General advice on adoption) after consulting the MIA, the Swedish Intercountry Adoptions Authority. The original Swedish handbook contains guidance for the Swedish social services as to administrative practice and procedures for both intercountry and domestic adoptions. This English adaptation comprises only part of the handbook, however: the introduction and part 1, entitled Intercountry adoptions.

The municipal social services handle adoptions in Sweden

In Sweden, investigations, assessments and reports in conjunction with adoptions are carried out and collated by the municipal social services. The assessment work is normally performed by qualified social workers, and the formal decisions in such matters are taken by the municipal social welfare committees.

Basis for the section on adoption assessments

As a basis for the section on adoption assessments, the Board assigned Karin Lundén Ph.D. the task of reviewing and compiling information on how assessments or their equivalents are conducted in Sweden and in a number of other countries and which topics are important for further consideration, in the light of current theory on the subject.

The guidelines and corresponding recommendations for assessments and adoption procedures from Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and the USA form another important basis for our handbook, as do the guidelines for support, or Post-adoption service in the Netherlands.

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